People Risk Their Lives To Save Dogs Caught In A War Zone

Syria Dogs

The ongoing war in Syria has claimed many victims, and not only human ones. Pets and other animals have been greatly affected as families are evacuated from their homes and are forced to leave their beloved pets behind.

Out of chaos comes order though, and little acts of human kindness have been seen and shared. An ambulance driver fed cats who got left behind, for example.

He wasn’t the only one that wanted to help the animals suffering as a result of the violence.

The Syrian Association for Rescuing Animals (SARA) was formed by animal lovers. They work together to help as many abandoned and defenceless animals as they can across the ravaged land of Syria. These amazing people are trying to bring some sunshine into a very dark place – and they are succeeding.

And they are dedicated to do everything they can to help these animals.

The group members feed stray animals in the street, and provide treatment to those that need it. They also visit schools to educate children about the correct way to treat animals and showing them respect.

Animals Syria is another organisation that is assisting by transporting animals rescued by SARA to Europe for adoption.

The situation in Syria is awful for all involved and shows no signs of getting better. These animals need your help. Please consider making a donation via:

SARA’s Facebook Page or Animals Syria’s Facebook page.

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