10 of the SMELLIEST Dog Breeds

Smelliest Dog

Hold your noses, ‘cos we’re going in!

Dogs can be as fragrant as you want them to be. There are scented shampoos and powders, special doggy toothpaste and a whole range of ways to make your pooch smell perfect. But underneath the man-made perfumes is that very unique smell of dog that lingers long after yoru fluffy friend has left the room.

Whether it be wet dog smell, halitosis, skin diseases or raging flatulence, our canine friends can’t half be stinky critters.

Here is a list of what are considered to be 10 of the smelliest dog breed son the planet.

1The Saint Bernard

Hey, we all knew this one was on the list.

The poor St. Bernard has a three way stench factor. He drools a lot, has skin issues that can often cause bad smells and a gassy stomach that can produce rectal honks that make your eyes water.

It’s like having your own personal trump gun in the house.

2English Bulldog

These smelly sinners can make a grown man cry when they fire off a robust, gassy, stink torpedo. A particularly piquant breed, the English Bulldog can also suffer from skin issues that can add to unpleasant odours.

If you value fresh air, this probably isn’t the breed to bring home!


How can such a small dog create such a great big smell?

It’s their teeth that do it. They have lots of tiny gnashers which can be prone to tooth decay and cause some unpleasant odours to emanate from their tiny mouth.

Regular visits to the vet are essential for mouth checks to keep the smell on a leash!


These guys aren’t ‘all-rounders’ when it comes to smell: they are just ‘all round one enders’.

Yes, the Boxer can parp for the planet, tooting noxious gas all over the place. They may be called a Boxer, but it’s their one gun salutes that cause a knockout rather than their fists!


Pugs are serial whizzpoppers. Watch out for their silent but violent gassiness in the bedroom if your windows are shut.

In addition, the folds of their skin make them prone to infection and a pretty funky odour if not cleaned regularly.

6Irish Setter

Yeah, they may look beautiful but these bad boys can REEK!

It’s not their fault though, their fusty smell comes about when they get ear infections from ear mites (those flappy ears are a treasure trove for the parasites!). The smell can be pretty nauseating if the mites are left to it, so take care to spot if your Irish Setter keeps scratching his ears – it may be time for a good clean.


If you have seen Turner & Hooch you will have seen the Mastiff at their stinky best. It’s mainly the drooling that causes the whiffs, especially when left to dry on their fur. Imagine sitting around in your grubbiest tracksuit with last night’s pizza staining the top with garlic sauce and old cheese…you’re getting close to what happens with a Mastiff in the smell stakes.

Regular cleaning is needed for these pongy pets!


No, we aren’t going to go there with the whole name describing the smell. They aren’t THAT bad. However, these pouffy pooches are prone to tooth decay and can suffer from halitosis that can have you running for cover.

Regular teeth checks will keep odd smells at bay for this breed.

8Bassett Hound

These cheeky chappies get easily bloated and then…well, if you have even the most basic understanding of biology you know that what goes in, must come out.

When it comes to belching from behind, this breed certainly ISN’T a Hush Puppy and they leave putrid window rattlers wherever and whenever they can!

9Yorkshire Terrier

These cuties are prone to tooth decay so need regular tooth brushing to prevent mouth malodorousness. They also have long coats which can get particularly rank if not cleaned properly.

Otherwise, these little dogs are pretty fragrant!

Do you own any of the stinkers above? Do they buck the trend and smell like roses? Or do you have a dog that isn’t on the list but can evacuate your front room in seconds every time they open their mouth (or other orifice?!) Let us know!